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No matter what kind of sport a person is in, professionally or for body and soul, no one will argue that fitness in all its diversity has firmly taken its place in the life of a modern person.

Any physical activity, be it resistance exercises, running, swimming or team play trigger the process of adaptive changes in the body.

Adaptation allows an athlete to increase the overall level of the body's functional capabilities and develop all the basic physical qualities, and physical training as a whole is based on this.

Over the years, sport makes more and more high demands on physical fitness which in turn implies an increase in the load, which is especially relevant during the competitive period.

Massage is scientifically proven over the years as one of the most physiological means of healing for both body and soul.


(Deep tissue + muscle relaxing without machine)

1 hour 600 QAR (5 sessions 2800 QAR, 10/5000 QAR)
1.5 hours 700 QAR (5 sessions 3300 QAR, 10/6000 QAR)
2 hours 800 QAR (5 sessions 3800 QAR, 10/7000 QAR) Full body deep

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