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    Nutree Health and Wellness

    Nutree Health and Wellness is an integrative health care center in Qatar that approaches health and wellbeing from a functional perspective and holistic manner. We bring in the latest technologies that assist clients with chronic illnesses or health concerns and address general wellbeing.

    Our vision is to unite the mind, body and spirit. We work with clients from ages three and above including those with special needs or disabilities. This means working to find the root causes of the illness rather than treating the side effects, and starting a cycle of preventative care.

    We strive to be the provider of comprehensive lifestyle which nurtures a state of wellbeing for individuals as well as for the communities where we operate and service.

    Dr Nejoud Omar


    Food Services

    Our Functional Nutrition clinic works in conjunction with the Functional Medicine clinic. Lead by Dr. Nejoud Omar, this clinic assesses factors that contribute to disease coming from your food and drink. Read more
    Our market brings you an excellent range of products that are organic and healthy, all of which we recommend for a healthy and nutritionally beneficial diet. Read more

    Our main Practitioners

    Somayya Jabr

    Head of Functional Excercise and Fitness Department

    Jyka Makishova

    Head of Massage Therapy Department

    dietitian in qatar

    Deema Awad

    Senior Clinical Dietiton

    CEO and Medical Director

    Nejoud Omar

    Malek Boussaa

    Hydro Trainer and Fitness Instructor

    Ossama Ahmad

    Hydro Trainer and Fitness Instructor

    I Nyoman

    Massage Therapist

    Our Timing

    Please refer to the following schedule for detailed information about our timings. If you have any inquiries or need further assistance, kindly contact us using the provided contact number:








    +974 3058 58 58

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      Kimberly Armstrong

      I went there for Hydrotherapy and Massage. The ladies in Hydro were phenomenal and great to work with.

      Fatima Altamimi

      تجربة رائعة في المركز ،، كما انها عادت بالفائدة علي شخصيا حيث انني كنت اعاني من الام في الظهر ،،اما الان فتحسنت حالة ظهري بنسبة كبيرة
      A wonderful experience in the center and it also benefited me personally, I was suffering from back pain, but now my back condition has improved significantly.

      Zanher Thajudheen

      Mouthwatering and healthy choice of sandwiches.

      Koke Osama

      Very nice place the team are knowledgeable they know what that they doing the hydro machine and quantum is amazing they help me a lot for my back pain I advise everyone to visit also the nutrition and restaurant is amazing.

      Esraa Al Barsiky

      I am in love with the quality of their food. Pricing is very good and stay in is very comfy with a good ambiance. The great part is they also have GLUTEN FREE options 😍😍. I ordered susage and waffles but replaced the waffles with gluten-free bread. Tasted very delicious ❤️. Definitely coming again.

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      8 June

      Hydrotherapy & Quantum Wellness at Nutree

      In search of the finest ways to encourage a healthy lifestyle? Our wellness program emphasizes all aspects of health using functional medicine. Nutree’s cutting-edge strategy includes a quantum device that is only available in Qatar throughout the Middle East and an advanced hydrotherapy machine.


      12 March

      Experience a month-long journey of wellness with our exclusive Ramadan subscription.

      Experience a month-long journey of wellness with our exclusive Ramadan subscription. At Nutree we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during this holy month, which is why we have curated a special subscription service designed to make your Iftar and Suhoor meals not just nourishing, but also delicious and convenient. Our meal boxes […]


      22 January

      Elevate Your Wellness: Transform Your Health with Nutree’s Exclusive 14-Day Summer Weight Loss Package starting from 2999 QAR

      Elevate Your Wellness: Transform Your Health with Nutree’s Exclusive 14-Day Summer Weight Loss Package starting from 2999 QAR! Are you ready to transform your wellness journey and achieve your weight loss goals? Look no further than Nutree’s Exclusive 14 Days Weight Loss Challenge! Elevate your wellness and embark on a transformative health odyssey with our […]


      20 December

      How Our Athletic Box Elevates Performance and Recovery

      How Our Athletic Box Elevates Performance and Recovery In the realm of sports and athletics, achieving peak performance and optimal recovery is of paramount importance. Athletes, whether professional or amateur, are constantly seeking ways to enhance their physical prowess and ensure their bodies are in the best possible condition. Nutree Health and Wellness is proud […]


      5 December

      The 10 Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Athletes

      The 10 Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Athletes In the dynamic world of sports, athletes are constantly seeking innovative methods to enhance their performance, expedite recovery, and maintain peak physical condition. One such cutting-edge approach gaining popularity is hydrotherapy, a practice that involves the use of water for therapeutic purposes.   At Nutree Health and Wellness, […]

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