Footprint - Footwork PRO

Footprint - Footwork PRO

It is a test to determine the walking pattern and any disorder in the foot (Curvical or flat foot) while walking and standing, as it shows how straight a person is while standing or walking, which shows any disorder in the muscles, and helps in early diagnosis and preparing an appropriate Exericse program for you.

An accurate strength evaluation test is used to detect any musculer imbalnce it acts against the direction of muscle strength (extension / Flexion), whether a specific group of muscles or the muscles being tested, and then determines the maximum strength reached and the time taken to reach

It is a test to determine how well the heart, lungs and organs consume, transport and use oxygen. A strong indication of how well the cardiovascular, respiratory and skeletal systems function. The higher the cardiovascular fitness, the less fatigue and difficulty breathing during long-term activities (walking, climbing stairs, etc.) During this test, we will learn about the level of fitness and how to gradually develop it

Joint flexibility

Flexibility is the range of motion in a joint or group of joints, or the ability to move joints effectively through a full range of motion. This test gives us an indication of a Disoreder in one of the joints, thus designing the appropriate Program and evaluating it periodically


It is a test to determine the extent to which the body is maintained in a specific posture and reflects perceptual strength, neuromuscular coordination and joint stability. It is a very important factor in reducing infections and improving the quality of life for different ages, especially the elderly

Neuromuscular coordination

Muscular endurance is the ability of your muscles to perform repetitive movements - lengthening and contracting - over long periods of time without getting tired. Improving muscle endurance will reduce injury from physical exertion and overuse of active muscles throughout the day

Muscle strength

It is a test of the amount of force a muscle can pull to move a specific object in a short time. Muscular strength is a key factor in developing all previous fitness components

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