Kimberly Armstrong

I went there for Hydrotherapy and Massage. The ladies in Hydro were phenomenal and great to work with.

Fatima Altamimi

تجربة رائعة في المركز ،، كما انها عادت بالفائدة علي شخصيا حيث انني كنت اعاني من الام في الظهر ،،اما الان فتحسنت حالة ظهري بنسبة كبيرة
A wonderful experience in the center and it also benefited me personally, I was suffering from back pain, but now my back condition has improved significantly.

Koke Osama

Very nice place the team are knowledgeable they know what that they doing the hydro machine and quantum is amazing they help me a lot for my back pain I advise everyone to visit also the nutrition and restaurant is amazing.

Esraa Al Barsiky

I am in love with the quality of their food. Pricing is very good and stay in is very comfy with a good ambiance. The great part is they also have GLUTEN FREE options 😍😍. I ordered susage and waffles but replaced the waffles with gluten-free bread. Tasted very delicious ❤️. Definitely coming again.

Zanher Thajudheen

Mouthwatering and healthy choice of sandwiches.

Sally Designation

I was very lucky to be referred by my doctor to this center! Many thanks to my therapist Sweet for the improvement in my range of moving and the reduced pain. She helped me find hope again! I’m so excited to continue my hydrotherapy sessions!

Sara Tamimi Designation

It was a more than wonderful experience at the Nutri Center. A full day of relaxation in the water device with the infrared sauna and the focused lymphatic massage was worth the experience.

Gringo Khamis Designation

Participate in the center and do not miss the most amazing opportunity The food is excellent and the weight loss result is great. All thanks to nutritionist Deema

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