Swedish massage

Full body manual classic massage + head massage

The Swedish Massage System is a unique technique for the treatment and prevention of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system, problems with joints and muscles.

A holistic approach is the main principle of this technique.

The specialist will not leave you with the feeling that something is missing.

Swedish massage is a manual massage of the whole body. The approach is strictly individual.

The massage is soft and at the same time deep. Most of the time is devoted to kneading the muscles and adjacent tissues.

The technique perfectly copes with adhesions and seals, blood circulation normalizes, muscles return to normal tone, fatigue and muscle spasm disappear.

The maximum positive effect comes with regular visits to a specialist and combines it with sports and pays special attention to a complete and healthy diet.


1 hour 500 QAR (5 sessions 2300 QAR , 10 sessions 4500 QAR)
1.5 hour 600 QAR (5 sessions 2800 QAR, 10 sessions 5500 QAR)
2 hours 700 QAR (5 sessions 3300 QAR, 10 sessions 6500 QAR)

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