Post ab lymphatic drainage massage

Included massage and wound care and sterile dressing

Taking care of yourself is the key to success.

After liposuction or BBL, the timely elimination of fibrosis garnishes ideal body contours for a long period.

It is important to ensure the healing of the underlying layer of skin and connective tissue in order to maintain an impeccable relief and shape.

In the postoperative period, natural scar tissue forms on the treated areas. It appears in small tunnels created by suction devices used to extract excess fat cells, causing connective tissue and superficial fat to accumulate and create irregularities on the surface of the skin. This leads to the formation of pits, dents, bumps along the treated areas.

Lymphatic drainage massage using a special technique is the best solution for smoothing out irregularities. Promotes stable healing and provides an attractive appearance of the skin. Postop massage should be done after a personal online consultation.

We understand that during the recovery period it is difficult to come for a consultation in person, so we provide the opportunity to meet with our specialist online.


Lymphatic drainage massage after liposuction and BBL minimum 80-90 minutes

Description Price
1 session
700 QAR
5 sessions
3300 QAR
10 sessions
6000 QAR

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