Nutree body contouring massage

Cellulite massage: Abdominal, Hips, Butt and waist massage + Nu skin cosmetic

Our center offers our guests a unique slim massage aimed at eliminating cellulite and reducing body volume. The combination of manual massage methods with the use of professional cosmetics will help you see the result after the first session.

Targeted impact increases blood flow in problem areas and promotes the destruction of fat cells. The skin after the massage is tightened visibility and the manifestation of stretch marks is reduced, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. Slim massage by Nutree has a long-term effect, and even after a full course of massage, the effect will only accumulate.

Our experts recommend taking a full course of 10-15 sessions 2-3 times a week and then maintaining the effect with sessions once a week.

For a detailed consultation, you can contact our center and our specialists will help you choose the optimal time and number of sessions based on your individual characteristics.


(Expect result in 4 weeks)

Description Price
1 session
550 QAR
5 sessions
2500 QAR
10 sessions
4500 QAR

*1 session is 60-70minutes!

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