Cellulite treatment

Included full body massage, detox wrapping and face massage + Nu skin products for face and body

We bring to your attention a new service SPA wrap by Nutree

This is a caring and revitalizing spa treatment. The positive effect gives the effect of the components that make up the high-quality cosmetics from Nu Skin. In combination with thermal exposure, the components penetrate deep into the skin. Additional compression promotes the outflow of excess fluid and the removal of edema. The indication for this procedure is fading and flabby skin, cellulite and soft tissue postosity. We offer this procedure in combination with massage, which gives a lasting and impressive effect. You will immediately feel how after the procedure the skin has become smooth and velvety.

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Description Price
1 session 100-120 minutes
1000 QAR
5 sessions
4500 QAR
10 sessions
8000 QAR

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